How to join:

Chiques welcomes pilots of all backgrouds.  If you are interested in joining our club, we ask you attend one of our meetings to meet the members.  All members buy shares of stock in the corporation that can be sold to their replacement member.  Spouses can purchase a full membership for half the cost.  New members are giving a 90 day provisional membership prior to a full membership that is revokable by either the provisional member or the corporation.



  • We charge an hourly rate based on Tach time. This rate includes fuel so If you fly to an outside airport, your fuel expenses will be reimbursed.

  • Every month, each member is billed their club dues plus 2 hours of flying time.  These hours (24/year) must be used by Dec 31. or are forfeited.  

  • There are no minimum required number of hours to fly for overnight trips, we just ask that you be courteous to your fellow members.

  • for more complete details and for our current dues and hourly rates, we ask you contact us or come to one of our meetings.


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