Chiques was chartered in Dec. of 1947 and incorporated as a not for profit Social Welfare Organization (Flying Club) in the state of Pennsylvania January 9 of 1948.  The organization has maintained that status, meeting regularly on a monthly basis.  Indeed, Very few months have passed in the last 66 years that have no recorded minutes.  AOPA has suggested years ago that we are the oldest "continuously operating" flying club in the United States.  Other flying clubs are older but have not been operated continuously.  We have taken their word on this, but can furnish no proof. 

Our present 1968 Mooney G Statesman was purchased new and has always been hangered.  The airplane has always been maintained and updated regularly now sporting its 6th new engine, 2nd coat of paint and 3rd interior.  The instrument panel has had four major updates, most recently with the addition of the Aspen Pro1000 primary flight display and WAAS compatibility for the GNS 530.  Our bylaws allow a maximun of 10 members, however we feel that a maximum of 7-8 allows more flexible scheduling.  It is extremely rare to not be able to schedule the aircraft when desired. 

The 'bird' has stretched its wings migrating from Alaska to the Caribbean, from eastern Canada to Catalina Island off southern California and every state in between.  One member has even claimed that the 'bird' doesn't even get nose bleeds squawking 1400 as it nears its service ceiling.




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